Quality Policy

Emitech Resources is dedicated to serving your organizations demands with experience, integrity, and outstanding staff of professions.

We delivers superior quality parts to your exact specifications, on time and within budget.

We promise to help you in selecting the correct equipment for your jobs, keeping it up and running, and enabling your crews to be effective and productive.

Designing For You!

Our highly skilled workforce with ability in handling surface grinders specialize in producing high precision tooling parts made of hardened tool steel and carbide with an accuracy up to 2 micron.

We look forward to help you to design your specific parts for your specific machinery, and enhancing your bottom line in the process.

Logistical Services

For domestic and overseas customers

Machineries List

• CNC 3 units
• Okamoto 450 2 units
• Manual Milling 2 units
• Manual Lathe 1 unit
• Profile Projector 1 unit