Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck Table

Porous ceramic vacuum chuck table supplied to semiconductor industry for silicon wafer dicing or finishing purposes.


It is an uniform compact frame, high strength, good porosity, durable absorption, vision inspection, excellent quality with high efficiency, no pollution and high fixing precision.


Emitech Resources is one of the few in manufacturing porous ceramic vacuum chuck table for the industries.


The available sizes measuring in diameter are including 6 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches and customize design or sizes with high parallelism and flatness.


The Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck Table normally made of porous ceramic. After continuously use of the vacuum chuck table, it will turned damage, burst or poor of vacuum efficiency. We are able to provide solutions.



Property Unit Condition
Alumina Al₂O₃ % ≥80
Acidity Resistance mg/cm²≤ 10.0
Alkaline Resistance mg/cm²≤ 20.0
Average Porousity Size μm 30
Bulk Density g/cm³ 2.3-2.5
Compressive Strength MPa≥ 600
Flexural Strength MPa≥ 40
Hardness HRa 50
Open Pore Rate % 39
Water Absorption % 17

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